A moment of quietude

My first Starbucks Christmas cup of the season!

Sundays are the day of the week when beds get stripped, meals get prepped, laundry gets caught up, bathrooms get cleaned, carpets get vacuumed, nails get painted (it’s on my to do list every week to mitigate my nail biting habit), groceries get bought, lunches get made…

It’s usually the busiest day of my week, preparing for Monday to Friday, but it is worth it when I can feed my family after work, or don’t have to trip over piles of clothes on my way to the shower.

But every so often, early on a Sunday morning, I can find a few minutes to myself. I can go for a nature walk, or read my book, or sit and drink my coffee quietly on the couch with my cat or my kids. Today, I enjoyed my Christmas coffee with my pretty, colourful Christmas decorations before the busyness of the day commenced.

Happy Sunday ❤️

#sundayfunday #quiet #quiettime #tree #christmastree #christmasiscoming #redcup #starbuckscups #redandgreen #livingroomdecor #mealprep #busyday #naturewalk #afewminutestomyself #selfcare #kalidesautelsspeaks

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