My Son and My Brother

My son. My gifted son. My funny son. My son who has ADHD. My son with the sarcastic wit of a much older human. My son who is so much like my brother.

My son challenges me, and then turns around and is the sweetest, cuddliest child in the universe. My brother is gifted. My brother is clever. My brother has a killer sense of humour. My brother who has ADHD.

He is a hero to my son, because he is the cool uncle, but also because he thinks like my son does. He is an example to my boy of what having a brain like theirs can do. He shows my boy that being gifted and having ADHD can be significant sources of strength to build an amazing life.

My son is my brother’s biggest fan (maybe second after his wife, but a close second). He was beyond excited to get to be the proud owners of Daz3D merch!!

If he could sleep in his hat, I’m pretty sure that he would.

Seeing my brother love my son so much, while helping me understand how to raise him in the most healthfully, strong way possible fills my heart with joy and gratitude.

P.S. My boy is pretty particular about what I can post about him. This picture was with his permission, because he wanted to “advertise” for Uncle Ty. In our family, that’s love.

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