DoTheWork Challenge Day 5 – Examining Privilege

In today’s session of Rachel Cargle’s Do The Work 30 Day Challenge, we examined our privilege and how we no winglet and unknowingly perpetuate the racist society that benefits whiteness.

In particular, coincidentally aligning with yesterday’s post about white feminism, we are asked to make not of intersectionality and how white feminism is a further cornerstone of white supremacy.

Please join us in dismantling the foundations of the white heteronormative Anglo-Christian cisgender ableist patriarchy. It is never going to lead to a fair and equitable society. It never has.

Join Rachel Cargle in dismantling white supremacy

#audrelorde #rachelcargle #dothework #whiteheteronormativepatriarchy #intersectionality #whitefeminism #feminism #30daychallenge #challenge #mother #motherhood #endwhitesupremacy #blacklivesmatter #bipoc #woc #intersectionalfeminism #inlordewetrust #kalidesautelsreads

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