Honouring Our Heroes – RIP Const. Heidi Stevenson

It’s Monday, and this past weekend was very sad one in Canada, as a wanton mass murderer took to the streets in Nova Scotia, killing Constable Heidi Stevenson, and at least 17 others, before his own death. This message is not about him. This message is about the people he killed, and the lives taken. He will not be named here.

Even in a time when we are all safely in our homes, gun violence violence is still present. Even in a country with stricter gun laws, gun violence is still present. How does this happen? How can we say guns don’t kill people, when we see evidence every single day of gun violence? How can we say guns don’t kill people when double the number of people were murdered in one day than Nova Scotia usually sees in a whole year?

Heidi Stevenson was a veteran of the RCMP. She was a mother to 2 children. She had a husband. She had friends and family and colleagues. She had a life spent protecting Canadians. She died trying to protect Canadians. She is a hero, and she should be honoured as such. Let’s show her family that we are taking their loss seriously. Let’s do better. Let’s take back the guns that do not need to be out there. Let’s do more than think and pray for her.

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