Timon and the Quarantine

For 12 years this Raggedy Man as been my fur baby. For most of that time he has sat with me, avoiding touching me as he possibly could. He kept me company, tripped me as I cooked, and was always near my feet. But now? Now he is all over me all of the time. Smacking me, climbing on me, walking across my chest, laying next to my pillow, sitting on me, yelling in my face, reminding me that he is here. I don’t know why the change, and honestly, some days it can be a bit annoying to get fur in my eyes and fluff in my mouth, but on the other hand? He is my baby. He is getting old, and I love him. He’s at an age now where when he wants me, I feel like I need to stop what I am doing and give him the attention he needs. He needs pets, and love, and treats, and sunshine, and attention. Most of all? He seems to need me.

Also – I need him. A lot.

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