Chia Pudding and Gratitude

Want to know a secret? I am not the healthiest person alive! I am also not the least healthy person alive. I do have a compromised immune system and right now a stress cold. And I ran out of fresh fruit.

My brother and sister-in-law work hard on their health and have been acting as the quarantine goodwill fairies for all of us who are lucky enough to be in their family/friend group. They are taking care of themselves and each other, functioning through their own fears and very real worries, and then, like they say on an airplane, helping them next person put on their mask.

In order to stretch my ingredients, I turned 2 cups of oat milk and 2 tbsps of chia seeds into 4 cups of chia pudding, topped with blueberries and a mandarin orange for breakfast. Covered the whole thing in gratitude and it tastes pretty amazing.

We will get through. We just have to remember to put out good things, while being cautious and informed. And grateful. Always be grateful.

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