When Did This Girl Grow Up?

When I count my blessings, my kids are right at the very top. This girl (who loves having her picture taken) and my boy (who is anti-picture these days) are my whole entire world. Being home over the last 2 weeks has meant sooooo much more kid and mama time and for that I am markedly grateful. They are funny and whip smart, and argumentative and opinionated, and dance, and run around and have their own brother/sister language that I will never understand (which is exactly how it should be. I have the same with my brother and sister, and it is all our own). P.s. – in this pic, I am also grateful to my friend Sam for sending us Starbucks last week!!! #gratitude #mykids #mygirl #lovemykids #timewithfamily #mylovesđź’• #littleones #loops #starbucks #christmascups #angel #thankyou #christmastime #kalidesautelsreads

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