We Kidnap Each Other. NBD.

There is nothing like a good kidnapping with these 2. What started as 3 awkward women, who feel uncomfortable around new people, turned out to be a trio of fierce friends, who cannot be together without lots and lots of giggles.

Today, they kidnapped me and we saw the BEST movie I have seen all year, followed by lunch, and even more giggles. If you want to see a movie this weekend, GO SEE KNIVES OUT!!!! It is the funniest, cleverest, most amazing movie that I have seen in 2019.

And while you’re at it? Find yourself some women that love you, and that you love, as much as this. It’s worth it.

#knivesout #girlgang #moviedate #lovethemtopieces #trio #awkwardaf #threeweirdos #threeamigos #saveongang #kidnapped #movies #findyourfriends #friends👭 #girlfriendsbelike #friendsforlife❤️ #weddings #bestmovie #bestmovies #loves #kalidesautelsreads

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