Transit Isn’t As Bad As I Feared

How do you feel about public transit? Are you comfortable with it? Is it accessible to you?

A couple of years and 2 jobs ago, I learned to take the commuter train from my town into Vancouver, and when that didn’t intimidate me anymore, I started using our SkyTrain system. I decided last week to try adding a bus to this, and found it quite convenient and saves the cost of gas and parking. I was always afraid of getting lost, due to my own directionally-challenges brain, and I am not going to lie, I have gotten to SkyTrain stations thinking I was heading in the wrong direction, gotten off the train, then realized I had been on the right train the first time and getting back on the train heading exactly where I had been in the first place. Once I realized that the only person who cared that I was getting on and off trains was me, I started to relax and not panic about getting trapped in the wrong place.

Today, I took my place in line at the bus stop, rode the bus to the train station, got on the train, and voila! I did not have to wake anyone up to drop me off, I didn’t need to take the car and pay for parking, I just got to the train.

… where the conductor promptly told us that tomorrow’s first train in the morning and second train in the afternoon will be cancelled indefinitely… making me second guess my decision to rely on transit 😉

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