Yesterday my doctor told me that Caregiver Fatigue is real. She explained that in addition to my own very real, and very present, health issues, I am allowed to feel worn out. Yesterday, my brother sent me a meme saying that it’s ok to fall apart, because even tacos fall apart and we still love them. Yesterday, my sister(in-law) and I shared our frustrations. Yesterday, Dave’s surgery date was confirmed. Yesterday, I cried at lunch with my mom. Yesterday, I missed my morning fitness class, but made it to my pm yoga class. Yesterday, my daughter stayed up late talking to me about her worries. Yesterday, the engagement pod I run kept glitching. Yesterday, my sister told me to let her know when she would be watching my kids. Yesterday, I fell apart more than I wanted to.

But to paraphrase Anne Shirley, today is a new day with no mistakes in it yet.

#yesterdays #yesterdaynight #todaywasagoodday #newdays #newday #fitness #cateyeglasses #selfie_time #wednesdays #midweekmotivation #lovelovelovelove #kidsmood #momlifebelike

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