Beach, Please!

Beach, please!! If you know me, you know there is almost nothing I like more than a good pun.

This morning, I missed my fitness class with my friends, but instead of calling it a day, eating a box of double stuffed Oreos, and crawling into bed with my book, I have come back to get my yoga on. It has been so helpful to my peace of mind (which has been freaking hard to come by lately) to get my walks in, and to come to my mat. Tomorrow morning, I will have my first training session at Nacc Fitness, trying to establish some semblance of health and normalcy. I am pretty proud of myself for eating one Oreo and trying again, rather than giving up on the day.

Namaste, y’all, namaste.

#beachplease #yoga4growth #keeptrying #lovelovelovelove #beachbag #jogi #yogitoes #yogafitness #oreos #oreos #nemo #pompoms #kalidesautelsreads

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