Suicide Prevention Day with Ann Shen’s Beautiful Art

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In my twenties, I had such severe stomach pain that I landed in the ER and was on medical leave from work. But the doctors never found anything. Looking back now, I realize it was anxiety manifesting in my body – but even medical professionals couldn’t identify that.

This time last year, I was experiencing a severe case of anxiety and it’s best friend, depression. The thing is, I’ve experienced it my whole life – yes, even while achieving all these major professional & personal milestones – so I didn’t know anything different. But I knew things were getting worse. “Most people I met were not worth meeting and most experiences I had were not worth having.” I thought about this quote from “Waitress” a lot, and often I wanted to just stop existing. For. No. Reason. I had everything and yet I felt nothing inside. ❤️ Thank goodness through the support of my incredible husband, close friends, and doctors, I was able to get help and it’s been the best thing I’ve ever done. Things are better now than they were 10 years ago; science is proving the brain-body link to be real.

I wish mental health wasn’t so stigmatized that we don’t know how to seek help to address it. We allllll need mental health support, the same way we need to eat healthy and work out our bodies. There’s no shame in that. I respect and admire the hell out of everyone who faces their demons. It was scary as hell to share this, but if it helps just one of you feel less alone and know it gets better, it’s worth it. ❤️ Love you, my fellow warriors. #mentalhealthawareness #itsokaytonotbeokay #goodtypetuesday #tomorrowneedsyou

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