Heidi – Johanna Spyri (1881)Heidi Grows Up – Charles Tritten (1938)


I will preface this review by mentioning that yes, both books were written by different authors, and they were written almost half a century apart, but I was introduced to them as a set, and thus, my review is for the set 😉

Heidi is a gorgeous children’s story from the 19th Century, telling the story of a little orphan girl being raised by her curmudgeonly grandfather, The Alm Uncle. The first part of the first story involves Heidi becoming accustomed to, and adoring the simple life on the Alps with her newly discovered grandfather. Her grandfather is a hermit who eschews as much contact with his neighbors and the nearby village as possible, due to a long held hurt. The second part involves Heidi being forced to live in town, missing her family, but befriending the “invalid” Clara and her Grandmama. Heidi learns to read and write, before returning home to the Alps. The second story, Heidi Grows Up is infinitely less than Heidi, lacking the spark that draws the reader to Heidi. In the second book, Heidi joins a boarding school to practice her violin, decides to become a teacher and falls in love. As a consummate lover of classic children’s books, I recommend reading the Heidi collection (which also includes Heidi’s Children) whether for ones own enjoyment or to introduce young readers to the tiny heroine. Heidi – 352 Pages; Heidi Grows Up – 190 pages. 

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