The Geek Feminist Revolution – Kameron Hurley (2016)


Science Fiction and Fantasy writer Kameron Hurley stepped away from her usual dystopic fiction to compile an anthology of her posts and essays on the feminist movement within the gaming and fandom communities (the geek community). Her topics range from GamerGate, sexism within her genre, sexism on a broader scale, her personal battle with Type I diabetes, her feelings of otherness and what she feels will help to dismantle woman as “other”, the fallacy of “Lean In” feminism and her privilege as a white person contrasted to discrimination she has faced for being female and overweight. Hurley does not care if the reader agrees with her or not; she is proudly vocal, strident and opinionated. I found a lot of quotable lines in the first section of her book (Level Up), but found that some of her thoughts became repetitive by the final section (Revolution). I do not know if that was intentional, as she may have been writing to the theory that the more times a person reads something, the more likely they are to remember it. Unfortunately, for myself, it felt a bit like “preaching to the choir”. That said, one of the fantastic things about Harley’s voice is that if you do not like what she says, she does Not care! She writes with a sharp edge and a brittleness that is unique to her and effective for getting her point across. 276 pages

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