Not My Maeve Brennan

I have read some disappointing books. I have read books I did not enjoy, but this is without a doubt the most heartbroken I have ever been about a book. I am a huge fan of Maeve Brennan, the short story writing, the Long-Winded Lady, the Irish woman who settled in New York, wrote for the New Yorker and wrote about Ireland. 
I found it odd that the satirical Maeve would have written a memoir on poet Philip Larkin, but I borrowed it from the library simply because I have read every single other piece of published work by her. As I began reading this book, I was further curious about the fact that this Maeve Brennan did not sound in the least like my beloved Maeve. It turns out she is NOT the Long-Winded Lady and rather a librarian from Ireland with the same name who had a romantic affair with Philip Larkin. While I am sure that this is a wonderful book, and worth a read, I cannot bear the thought that I have read everything Ms Brennan ever published, or was published posthumously. I will need to pull out my copy of the Long-Winded Lady and start again, I suppose. 

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