Mr g – Alan Lightman (2012)


Alan Lightman’s preternaturally beautiful novel Mr g is a story of the creation of the universe. Following the allegory of the Christian book of Genesis, often echoing the words used (…and it was good), Mr g combines the science that is the universe and the creationist ideals. The unnamed Maker describes his use of photons and matter in the creation of our galaxy. The Maker is both omnipresent and distant from Earth and our galaxy as he and his aunt and uncle exist in the Void. Every few eons, he meanders through our galaxy, glancing at his creation and not knowing why or consistently being content with what he finds. The book is not only theological and scientific, but through Mr g’s rival Belhor. They discuss and ponder the theory that good cannot exist without evil, and that Belhor’s vileness only came into being when The Maker created the galaxy in which humans and animals exist. There is also the idea that in the void of space, many galaxies consisting of many worlds like our with many people similar, and yet completely different exist. The existentialism, theology, creationism, scientific reasoning and philology made this book so engrossing that I devoured it in one sitting. It is not a simple read, and those who are looking for a book to read on the go will likely find it frustrating and unreadable. However, I would recommend this to any reader looking to philosophize about its themes, or looking for an expansive read. 214 pages

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