Choose Your Own Autobiography- Neil Patrick Harris (2014) 


 Fans of NPH are aware of his quirky sense of humour and his love of Magic and Illusion, but they may not be aware of his apparent affection for the Choose Your Own Adventure novels that many of us read in elementary school. For those who aren’t aware – Choose Your Own Adventures were novels aimed at children, wherein the reader would read a chapter and then decide one of several options, flipping through the book at random. NPH decided to write his autobiography in this format, which while hilarious, and entertaining, leaves the reader wondering how much they have actually learned in the autobiography. Being the type of person that I am, I ultimately went through the book and flipped through every individual page, finding jokes and tricks that you would not find by simply following the options, so do not neglect this tip when reading. There are stories about his family, his husband, his kids, his work, his life, and also encounters with other celebrities. A key component was about his coming out to his family and finally to the public. Choose Your Own Autobiography is fun, and very much what one would expect from NPH, however, do not read it in anticipation that you will become suddenly “closer” to the star. 291 pages. #chooseyourownautobiography #neilpatrickharris #nph #autobiography #2014 #humour #chooseyourownadventure #bookstagram #books #bookstagrammer #read #reading #kalidesautelsreads

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