Revolutionary Road – Richard Yates (1961) 


Yates’ debut novel was made into a Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in 2008. A sad, and extremely disturbing portrait of a 1950s marriage between a couple who see themselves as above the rest of their suburban neighbours. April Wheeler fancies herself an artist, an actress, not like the housewives by whom she is surrounded. Frank Wheeler is a man who sees himself as more intelligent, more clever and more important than he really is, having an affair with a neighbour. While trying to save their marriage and ultimately their lives, April suggests that they move to Paris, so she can escape her boredom and Frank can follow his dream of leaving the life of an office lemming. The tragedy of their story is beautifully rendered and amazingly complex, that said, I found the story to be too sad and agonizing to fall in love with. Sadly, one would hope that the ennui of the early 1960s would have long since passed, but Yates’ story is still scarily apt today. It is a longer story at 337 pages, and the sadness made the story feel longer for me. Readers that are fans of contemporary American Literature, which a gritty edge will likely love this book. Do not judge it based on the movie, for while critically acclaimed, it is nowhere near as complex as the literary version. #revolutionaryroad #richardyates #debutnovel #1961 #criticallyacclaimed #movietiein #fiction #suburbia #suburban #leonardodicaprio #katewinslet #kateandleo #leoandkate #ennui #bestseller #bookstagram #bookstagrammer #bookstagramfeature #book #bookclub #bookclubofinstagram #read #reading #readinglist #kalidesautelsreads

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