Sex and The City – Candace Bushnell (1997) 

Sex and the City is by now a show with a following the world over. An entire generation of women had their views of themselves, how they viewed each other, what their goals would be, but before Sarah Jessica Parker stepped in her Manolos, Bushnell created these characters, based off of herself, and her friends, for her own column in The New York Observer. The book is an anthology of her stories. Those who watched the first season of the show will find the book VERY similar, with character names and events matching, but those who only remember the later seasons, or the movies, will find themselves surprised. While Carrie and the girls seemed ebullient, even when facing challenges, there is something a little more angry and a little more farcical in Bushnell’s pages than ever appeared on screen. Pushing the envelope for the time period, Sex and The City really was edgy. While their “sexcapades” are no longer the shock that they were at the time, the book is a good read. There is no over arching storyline, as they are each stand alone articles, with only characters reappearing throughout. 
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