The Long-Winded Lady: Notes From The New Yorker – Maeve Brennan (1997)


If you are like me, and had never had the pleasure of being introduced to Irish writer Maeve Brennan before 2016, I implore you to stop what you are doing and go read something. Read something now. I was first introduced, while reading Kate Bolick’s Spinster, this year, as Brennan is one of Bolick’s Five Awakeners. (I will post a review of this book later this week) Brennan wrote short stories and articles, majorly, for The New Yorker. As the Long-Winded Lady, Brennan contributed more short stories to The New Yorker’s Talk of The Town column than did any other female writer of the time. Her articles are generally written from her perspective. Whether they are autobiographical or fictionalization is up to interpretation. What is not up for interpretation is her wit, prose, and sharpness. The Long-Winded Lady is so enjoyable, as Brennan slyly pokes fun on New York as she sees it and loves it.
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