Looking For Alaska – John Green (2005)


Looking For Alaska is one of John Green’s hugely successful Young Adult novels. (Others include The Fault In Our Stars and Paper Towns) The winner of the Michael Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Fiction and a New York Times Bestseller, Alaska tells the story of a group of misfit teens who live at a Boarding School. The narrator is a skinny boy who goes by “Pudge” and falls instantly in love with a girl named Alaska. His attraction comes from Alaska being so completely opposite from himself. Alaska is the definition is the “Manic Pixie Dream Girl” – funny, crazy, free, wild. Pudge’s teenage dream. Of course, Alaska is wild and free and crazy due to a life of upheaval and unhappiness. Told in a unique time line before/after style, Green captures the essence of the confusing, emotional, complicated and ecstatic time that is called being a teen. While clearly directed at younger readers, and definitely relatable to 17 year olds, Alaska is an engaging read for adults as well. I caution parents that this book covers some themes that are not necessarily appropriate for anyone under the age of 15. At 221 pages, Looking For Alaska is reasonable length. #lookingforalaska #johngreen #youngadultbooks #ya #fiction #youngadult #bestseller #bestsellers #newyorktimesbestseller #newyorktimes #michaelprintzaward #novel #teen #comingofage #bildungsroman #alaska #pudge #bookstagram #book #bookstagrammer #books #read #reading #2005 #bibliophile @johngreenwritesbooks #kalidesautelsreads

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