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Over a two week period, countless Indigenous authors came together, to write about the injustices we’ve endured, and help our Black brothers and sisters in a positive direct way. These stories, poems and insights will blow your mind. BlackLivesMatter. In our chaotic world, timely responses are needed today, not tomorrow.

How Not To Blog: Finding Myself, One Post at a Time

Through a series of blog posts, on her nominally successful site, KaliDesautelsReads, over 3 years, Kali Desautels has worked through depression, anxiety, marriage, an ongoing obsession with books and a rather hippie-dippy style of parenting two kids, and making friends with her raggedy old cat. How Not To Blog is one part memoir, one part opinion essays, and two parts the meandering thoughts of a woman who is trying to find her way. Kali has spent the majority of her writing career bringing honesty and advocacy to her blog readers, for better or for worse.


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