Hello Beautiful ~Ann Napolitano (2023)


Hello Beautiful by Ann Napolitano is one of my favourite types of fiction – the family odyssey. Following the Padavano sisters, as they grow, change, find and lose love, Hello Beautiful is well written and a recommended read for the summer. I originally found it as part of @oprahsbookclub, I had expected it to be a more challenging read, as her books sometimes are. Instead I found it easy to get lost in and would spend hours at a time in the Chicago neighbourhood inhabited by the family. One of the reasons that I loved it is that it is an ode to my favourite book of all time, Little Women. The book also deals with mental health issues, specially depression, in a sensitive, but not sentimental manner.

If you enjoy coming of age stories, and literary fiction, then Hello Beautiful should be on your TBR pile.

(383 pgs)

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