Non-Binary Awareness Week

Posted @withregram • @lgbtqwellness Celebrating and learning from our nonbinary siblings this week, and beyond!

REPOST • @kellysmall

Hey, it’s nonbinary awareness week! Please share this, learn more, and uplift nonbinary and gender expansive folks this week and every week.

✨ Nonbinary genders have always existed
✨ 1.4 million nonbinary people in NA
✨ they/them pronouns or others – all valid!
✨ Use our names and pronouns
✨ Inclusive language benefits us all
✨ We deserve access to safe respectful care
✨ Nonbinary people don’t owe androgyny
✨ Please keep learning and celebrating gender diverse people all year.
✨ Follow nonbinary creators like
@ak.mackellar @alokvmenon @justsaysk @teachingoutsidethebinary @allgendernutrition @youcancallmeaz @zoestoller @genderfenderbender @mattxiv @hooraymae @bobthedragqueen @sheacoulee @folxhealth @kristinrankinhair @sashavelour @corpusren @transcendthebinary_ @dineaesthetics @nbresearchproject @yourbuddymeg @megemikoart and a load more — Who have I missed? Drop it below 👇

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