Happy birthday, Danielle ❤️

Happy birthday, Danielle!

The past few years have thrown some epic curveballs at us. I’m not even talking about the ones that effected everyone else, like COVlD, forest fires, flooding, and supply chain shortages; I’m talking about all the small and big ways that our lives have changed. Some are for the better, some for the worst, some switch back and forth.

During these past few years, while other things have gotten harder, I think our bond has gotten stronger as we continue to lean on each other, and I am so incredibly grateful for that. To the first person I say good morning to each day; to the person who knows and keeps my secrets; to the person who will laugh until we cry with me; to the person who can pantomime A Star Is Born and I will actually get it when we play Blockbuster; to the person who plans the fun things, and always makes them better than I could imagine; to the person who will have the hard conversations; to the person who shares her light and life with those she loves; to the person who trusts me to watch her puppy even though I am heavy on the treats; to the person who will hang out just because and meet me at the dog park while we freeze and try to convince our dogs to use the rest of the place and not just play around our legs; to the person who knows me better than nearly anyone; to the person who never forgets to send a thank you card; to the person who tries so hard at everything she does and encourages her loved ones to try their best, too – happy birthday.

I love and appreciate you so much. More than an annual birthday post can say. More than any Instagram shout out. More than the sappy texts that I send you. More than you can ever know. I am so grateful to be the “sister that you never knew [you] wanted”. I am so grateful for the learning journey that we have been on for the past couple of years, while also not taking ourselves so seriously that we cannot discuss Meghan and Harry’s Vogue cover (because seriously, he did look like a hairdresser).

I love you. Happy birthday ❤️


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