Desautels Christmas 2021

This year was Sadie’s first Christmas with us, and we had an absolutely lovely one.

My sister (in-law) and brother hosted a beautiful Christmas dinner for our family, where we all spent a lovely night visiting and opening gifts. It was so warm and generous of them to open their home to us, and we are so grateful that our family fit into the regulations for BC, with the 9 of us coming in just under the 10 person maximum for family gatherings.

On Christmas Day, we woke up to the first white Christmas that the Lower Mainland of British Columbia has seen since 2008, and it set the stage for a cozy day. My brother and sister (in-law) came over for a visit, and we FaceTimed with my sister and nephew all the way on the other side of the country. My parents and grandmother came over for a casual fondue lunch, braving the snow storm. (Hey – in Vancouver, that counted as a snow storm!! It was windy and snowing. Snow storm. 😉)

We finished Christmas Day painting our nails in bed, folding laundry and watching Bailey Sarian’s Murder, Mystery and Makeup.

All in all, it was just beautiful! ❤️


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