The Writing Life ~ Annie Dillard (1989)


In this short meditation on the craft of writing, Annie Dillard includes short essays on her experience as a writer. Similar to Stephen King’s On Writing, Dillard wrote a beautiful book that can apply to any creative endeavour.

Her writing reinforces the adage that writing is ‘as easy as that, and as hard as that.’ She writes in a beautiful poetic non-fiction prose, which is so elegant and accessible to the reader.

This review is going to be remarkably short, because the book is only 100 pages, but I feel that this book would make the perfect holiday gift to any writers, people who are curious about the art of writing, or anyone who lives/dreams to live their creative life out loud.

Dillard discusses about how she has different needs for her writing than other writers, including her own husband. She discusses that as much as she loves writing, she also loathes it. She discusses her artistic processes, and describes her environment in such a rich way that when she speaks of writing on the cold beach of an island in the Haida Gwaii, you can nearly feel the cold, salty air on your face.

I recommend this highly to anyone, but especially those with an artistic bent to their lives.

(111 Pgs)

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