Do me a favour? Join the NFT Discord Server!!

What do you know about Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?

If you are like me, until very recently, the answer might be next to nothing?

Well, NFTs are “unique and non-interchangeable data store in a ledger (blockchain)”. (Wikipedia)

They can be anything digital but usually are original pieces of digital art, or music, or gifs, etc.

You may be wondering how it can be original and unique if nearly anything digital can be copied. Think of it like a fine art painting. I can have a print of Van Gogh’s Sunflowers in a Blue Jug, or Starry Night, but you and I both know that that is not the same as owning the ORIGINAL Van Gogh. Unlike something that has been copied and pasted a zillion times across the internet, the original NFT belongs just to you, the owner of the NFT.

So the point of this post? My husband is in a contest to bring early adopters into a discord server where people can purchase, discuss, and engage with NFTs. When the new NFT drops in a little more than a week, these people will have first dibs to purchase the one of a kind piece!

Even if you do not know what the heck I am talking about, as a huge favour to me, and to my husband, please head on up to my bio and join the discord server.

In addition to the NFTs, this server is famous for being fun, positive, and encouraging. There have been members joining from all over the world saying that this is a truly unique server and regardless of the NFT, totally worth joining! (Although early access to an extremely valuable piece of digital art certainly doesn’t hurt!!!)

Please, please, please do me a huge favour and hit the link below!

Join the most fun discord server around!

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