The World Turned Upside Down

Life feels scary to me right now. Scary in my head and out in the world.

But as long as we are together, as long as we can communicate, as long as we love each other, the world feels a little less scary.

I have had my world turned upside down with long standing diagnoses that I was used to, and were relatively harmless, have been re diagnosed with scarier, more terrifying diagnoses.

But cuddled up in bed, with a drama (in this case @yellowstone) with your familiar, strong arms around me, I feel a little bit less scared. A little bit more like the scary stuff will be ok, and one morning soon, we will wake up and things will make sense again.

In 1999, we had no idea how many things we would slog through. Sometimes we are holding on to each with by the tips of our fingers, sometimes we are clinging to each other for dear life.

But for 22 years, I keep choosing you. And for the next 22 and the 22 after that, and after that I will keep on choosing you. Especially when things are scary. Like today. Like right now.

#ichooseyou #22years #22yearsandstillgoingstrong #lifeisscary #theworldturnedupsidedown #worldturnedupsidedown #fibromyalgia #bipolar2 #ankylosingspondylitis #bipolarawareness #brainhealth #abilify #duloxetine #marriedlife💍 #twodecades #inthistogether

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