Die Hard is a Christmas Movie

In our house, Die Hard is a Christmas movie. Last year, my work friend had an ornament like this on her tree and I thought it was so cool and that Dave would absolutely love it, so today, Liam and I made one for him!

Then the kids printed off Die Hard memes and hung them around the house for Dave to read as he looked for the ornament. This is the first year that our decorating theme looks like Jake Peralta had free rein and scotch tape lol

I am not the crafty type, so I am glad that this turned out to be “made with love” rather than “Pinterest fail”.

Where do you fall on the great debate? Die Hard is or is not a Christmas movie?

#diehardisachristmasmovie #diehard #johnmcclane #jakeperalta #nakatomiplaza #christmasornament #diyornaments #cometothecoastwellgettogetherhaveafewlaughs #christmas1988 #christmas2021 #loveourfamily #brucewillis #pinterestfail #notapinterestfail #christmastree🎄

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