Love these women

What do you do when your besties work the Night Shift and you work a standard 9-5? You get up an hour early, and visit when they are finished for the day, before you start your day!

This morning, my sweet friend Katie brought Starbucks and we buried ourselves under a huge cozy quilt and celebrated the good and lamented the less good of the week.

I am so incredibly grateful that my time working at the grocery store resulted in a life long friendship with these funny, smart, kind, loving women.

How do you make it work to spend time with your loved ones when there are challenges?

#earlymorning #myfriends #gratefullness #starbuckscanada #starbucksredcup #nightshift #graveyardshift #dayshift #makeitwork #myloves❤️ #friends #vancouver #yvr #christmaslight #holidaysbeginhere

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