Thank you for dancing

This is the face of a happy woman.

I was raised a dancer. I danced before I walked. I danced before I ran. I danced in dance class. I danced in donair shops. I danced in the grocery store. I most certainly danced in the kitchen and the living room.

But that was 20 years, 150 lbs, 2 kids, and a lifetime and a half ago. A few years ago I found the Army of Sass and was so happy to get to dance, even if it wasn’t the type of dancing that I grew up with. It was dancing and that made me happy.

But this face? This is the face of a woman who the universe connected with another dancer. This is the face of a woman who completed her first Jazz and Lyrical dance class since I graduated in 2001. TWENTY YEARS AGO!!!

Last year, through the magic of the Internet I was approached by an amazing woman, @rachaelharwood who owns her own studio @5678dancecentre and suggested that my daughter might love her dance classes. (Spoiler – she did. Both of my kids now take multiple classes and adore Rachael more than anything in the universe. Even their phones. Seriously.)

Over the year, my kids talked to Rachael about my former dance life, and she suggested that I try her I’ve Still Got It dance classes for former dancers. So today, I got up my courage and I went. I was not good. I was not graceful. I forgot how to spot. I didn’t count the beats. But I had sooooo much fun that I came home and cried tears of joy to be doing real, honest to goodness dancing for the first time in 20 years.

It was heaven and I can’t wait to go back and stumble through more pas de chats and chenée turns next week.

Thank you, Rachael. Thank you for being the reason that this is the face of a happy woman.

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