BTS 2021

Happy back to school! My girl starts high school today, and my boy starts his first year of school without his sister already there!

This morning the girls all gathered for chocolate chip pancakes, and to go though the doors at high school together together. By the time they got to school, there were roughly 10 of them walking in together. There is always such a sense of security when you don’t have to do it alone, and these kids were so geared up that they even let me take their pictures near the school. (Not at school, but near… I’ll take what I can get)

So for an hour and 20 mins we have quiet in our house. The dog and cat are confused, but they’ll get used to it.

(And I totally waited until the kids had all gone in before I cried that my babies are so grown up!!!)

#bts2021 #backtoschooloutfit #backtoschoolhairstyles #backtoschool #mybabies #ootd #growingtoofast😢 #momlife #proudmama❤️ #teens #thismakesmehappy

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