Happy 1st birthday, Poppy!

Happy birthday, Poptart!

There is something magical about a puppy who is afraid of everything learning to be brave. Poppy is such a funny, smart, clever, energetic girl, and we got to have a fun puppy play date to celebrate her turning 1.

We were also celebrating that she and her puppy cousin are the best of friends. And that Poppy has allowed more people into her life, letting us love her and loving (ish) is back. Seeing Poppy getting so excited when she saw Sadie in her backyard, and watching them wrestle under the table (with an entire house and lovely backyard to play in) is a huge reason to celebrate.

And, I mean, cotton candy flavoured KD (the taste of the devil), Flaming Hot Cheetos Mac and Cheese, and a fancy velveeta deluxe macaroni and cheese were pretty fun ways to celebrate.

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