Hi. I’m Sadie Rose


My name is Sadie Rose Desautels. Yesterday, I moved from Mexico to my new home in Canada and I have to say, I am a pretty big fan.

There are comfy beds, kids who think I am amazing and play with me, and my Mama and Daddy seem to be good at the whole food, cuddle, kiss thing.

I’m not shy, and my tail seems to wag at least 89% of the time. I’m not to sure about my fur brother – he is the only one who has no interest in playing with me.

Oh, also I get a bit excited and need to learn to always go pee outside. But I know some commands – I can sit, I can stay, and I don’t know why but my human brother loooooves to shake my paw. (I don’t mind! I get a treat when I do that, so it works out for me.)

I am affectionate and really really like cuddling. My foster parents in Mexico were so good to me, and taught me good manners.

Also – my mama said to please don’t mind that in addition to my brother Timon, I will be showing up a lot on her Instagram. Don’t worry – you’ll love me! Everyone else around here seems to!

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