Don’t you dare be surprised.

Why the hell are we surprised???

We should be angry. We should be ashamed. We should be apologetic. We should be seeking reconciliation.

But we should NOT be surprised.

We live in a country where indigenous peoples consistently and repeatedly annihilated for hundreds of years. The existence of Canada has only been accomplished by destroying the people who were here first.

We STILL claim to be an anti-racist “mosaic” that includes people no matter who they are and where they are from, but this is not, nor has it ever been true.

We have just been very good at hiding the awful things we have done from the rest of the world.

Now our skeletons are finally being revealed, in the most literal way imaginable, and we have the audacity to be SURPRISED by being outed for the awful hypocrisy that has been and is Canada.

Calls to “fix” this are laughable, as how does one fix a multi century genocide? It’s not possible. We need to own this awful history, air it, and work towards reconciliation and listening to the indigenous peoples who have been screaming for our attention.

We need to do so much better.

We need to make amends however we can.

But don’t tell me that you are SURPRISED that there are hundreds, thousands of indigenous babies secretly buried in our soil.

#indigenouslivesmatter #firstnations #residentialschool #canadasshame #saskatchewan #indigenous #turtleisland #decolonizeyourmind #decolonize #decolonizethisplace #canadamade #indianact #genocide #canadasgenocide

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