Happy Father’s Day 2021

Happy Father’s Day to everyone. There are so many ways to show up in a person’s life and so many ways to be a dad.

In my family alone there are many versions of this – my kids have their dad, their grandad (my dad), their Uncle Ty, and many other surrogate uncles who all have a huge influence in their lives. In my sister’s home and the home of some of my friends, they are single moms and play both roles. Some of my very best friends all lost their dads at young ages, and find today to be a struggle as they miss their fathers. Growing up, I was a Grampa’s girl and miss him every day.

The point is that whether you have a dad to celebrate, or not, or a modern family with a variety of roles or non-traditional roles, I am hoping that you are having a wonderful Sunday and are able to appreciate the people who make your life full.

I am grateful to the people in my life who make it so much better. I am grateful to the people who help me to raise my not-so-little littles. I am proud to see my son admire my brother so ardently. I am thrilled to see Dave and our 13 year old tease each other and make each other laugh.

And if today is a day that you would rather didn’t come by ever, and causes you pain, I hope that you are able to enjoy a lovely, normal Sunday, and that this day passes as quickly as it can.

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