This version of me

I have this imaginary version of myself.

This version is wild and free.

This version lives in an Airstream with my kids, and my husband, and a small variety of pets.

This version never settles for long in one place.

This version dances on the beach at sunset, flower-print skirt and long braids flying in to breeze.

This version stops and watches my kids explore a really neat pile of rocks on the sides of the road in the middle of nowhere.

This version can eat everything and anything that I want without ever feeling sick.

This version has patience for things like a flat tire or teaching my kids math at the tiny table in the airstream.

This version doesn’t buy anything I don’t need because it won’t fit in our tiny ‘carry-on-our-backs’ home.

There is a reason that this is my imaginary me, though.

In all practicality, my family is tall, so how would 4 giant Amazon people live contentedly in a trailer full time?

In all practicality, a tiny trailer filled with 4 giant Amazon people, AND myriad pets would likely develop a funk that dancing on beaches at sunset would only exacerbate.

In all practicality, where do nomadic hippie families get the money to live as 4 giant Amazon people in an airstream, while never staying in place for long?

Also – the real version of me likes being home.
Also – the real version of me likes being able to go to my own corner of my home and curl up with my heavy green blanket and have peace and alone time.

Also – the real version of me likes being close enough to see my family and friends.
The real version of me is fond of being near doctors, and therapists, and stores, and work, and wifi.

And besides, “all my stuff’s here anyway.” (Pinch Me by Barenaked Ladies)

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