Caring For the Earth is Not a Hippie Thing, It’s a Survival Thing.

“Caring for the earth is not a hippie thing. It’s a survival thing.”

I have always loved the look of the @adidas Stan Smith and Superstar runners, so when I found the Advantage Eco Sneaker, from their sustainable, PrimeGreen collection, I was really excited.

The Eco Advantage has the super cute white runner, vintagey look, with a clear pink sole, and the rest of the shoe is made from non-virgin (recycled) vinyl. The bottom of the clear sole has a window that shows the PrimeGreen recycled polyeuruthane “bullets” that make up the foundation of the shoe.

It has been hard during a pandemic where we live with the reality of single use, sterilized and often plastic products to navigate the day safely, to live sustainably and continue to protect the planet while also protecting ourselves and our neighbours from the virus.

It’s important to remember that little micro changes, such as using recycled or secondhand products or home goods, make a difference, too!

There are plenty of sites and blogs that offer suggestions on how to live more sustainable and how to shop more consciously.

Two of my favourites are @towwn and @genpadalecki – in fact Gen is one of the founders of Towwn (Takw Only What We Need). I recommend checking them out for great ideas and accessible options.

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