BLM Vancouver March – June 25th, 2021 – 4-8pm

Posted @withregram • @blm_van BLM Vancouver is taking the streets on June 25th (4pm – 8pm) to put pressure on city council to action our demands. ✊🏽
Our demands have not been met! We did not ask for denial, obstruction or justifications. We have asked for justice, accountability and transformation. You have made the streets unsafe for us and we will take them back as often as is necessary until Black liberation and Indigenous sovereignty are realised and every single one of us can feel safe and secure on this land.

There’s never a better time to get free than now. We will have a rally with some speeches, a march and wrap up with some performances by incredible Black and Indigenous leaders and artists. Location TBD 

We will need volunteers to make this event happen! If you want to volunteer, sign up in the link in the @blm_van bio!

#blm #blmvan #blmmarch #march #vancouver #activism #vancouverbc #advocate #blacklivesmatter #bipoc

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