Feminist Mugs

I pulled out my Rae Dunn #Feminist mug for the first time in a while.

It’s important when you are an obsessive coffee mug collector to rotate your options once in a while, so the mugs shoved to the back don’t get lonely. 😉

There have been a lot of situations in the news lately from all over the globe, including the clawing back of Roe v. Wade in the US, digital sex crimes in South Korea, the global rise in violence against women and femicide during the pandemic, the ongoing forced sterilization of some Indigenous women in Canada, that made me pull out the mug and remind myself that the world needs feminism and feminists. The world needs us to speak up and speak out.

For me, the daily reminder in my cup cupboard can be a helpful reminder to stay up to date in the news and to not forget that when we get tired we rest, but we don’t quit. (To paraphrase one of my #WCEs Hillary Rodham Clinton.)

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