End Intimate Partner Violence

Intimate Partner Violence and Femicide
Due to the confines of COVID-19, the Canadian Femicide Observatory for Accountability and Justice contends that the number of victims of femicide (the murder of women or girls) rose from 146 in 2019, to 160 in 2020.
We know that Indigenous women and WOC are most likely to be victims of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), due to the inherent racial bias to our white supremacist systems. They are less likely to have access to interventions, and even when they seek help, they are less likely to be believed, or protected.
On Feb 16, 2021, the Canadian Gov’t brought forth legislation to:
“Combat intimate-partner and gender-based violence, and self-harm involving firearms by creating “red flag” and “yellow flag” laws. These laws would allow people, such as concerned friends or relatives, to apply to the courts for the immediate removal of an individual’s firearms, and allow a Chief Firearms Officer to suspend and review an individual’s licence privileges to acquire or use firearms.” – Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada
“There were over 107,000 victims of police-reported intimate-partner violence (IPV) in Canada in 2019. For 660 victims of IPV, a firearm was present. Women accounted for almost 8 in 10 victims of all IPV incidents and they were even more likely to be the victim in the 660 IPV incidents where a firearm was present.”
What can you do to help? Make yourself a safe person for women facing abuse to come to. Contact your MP and offer your support of the proposed Bill. Raise awareness of IPV.
And ALWAYS, always believe her when she asks for help.
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