Happy birthday, Katie-Kat

Happy birthday, Katie-Kat. Sometimes it feels like I have known you forever, and then I remember that it was only about 6 years ago that you intimidated the heck out of me in the deli, with your confident strides and bright blue eyes that made me feel like I was a moron for confusing roast chicken and smoked chicken.

Then one night, when we were there alone and you casually confessed that you, too, suffered from social anxiety and rbf and all bets were off. We became fast friends, and your hugs became the stuff of legend.

You are sweet, and generous, and kind, and you can spot an animal at 900 paces.




You love your people so fiercely and with everlasting loyalty. Because you care so much, a friend’s pain becomes your pain, a friend’s kids become your kids, a friend’s pets become your pets.

You are a glowing ball of love and those of us who are blessed to be your friend are better off for it. Your infectious giggle, your unabashed love for the things and people that you love. Your proud mama-hood of Joey. Your adoration of every single Snapchat filter created. Your willingness to let go of the big wedding, for a simple and stunning affair with your love around you. Your Harry Potter memes.

Your youness.

Thank you, Katie, for being the most amazing friend a girl could have. Thank you for your enduring patience and cheekiness. Thank you for being my friend.

I wish you all the love and hugs in the world, and promise that as soon as we are allowed to give you 500 of them!

Happy birthday, Katie. I love you lots!

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