Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself

Hi! I’m Kali (pronounced Kaylee), welcome to my blog! If you are new here, something you can expect are:
•posts about my kids and cat
•posts about social justice (just a heads up – I am an unapologetic leftist, liberal snowflake)
•posts about feminism
•posts about antiracism
•posts about reading
•posts about writing
•posts about marriage
•posts about mental health
•posts about chronic and invisible illness
•posts about the outdoors
•posts about and dedicated to my favourite humans
•reposts and the amplification of BIPOC and WOC voices
•posts about politics
•lots and lots of posts about coffee and coffee mugs

Basically, posts about my life and the inside of my brain. For the past 4 years, KaliDesautelsSpeaks evolved from KaliDesautelsReads, as I find my own voice, as opposed to simply reviewing the voices of other writers. There are still lots of books and book reviews, but that’s not all there is anymore (scroll alllllllll the way back to see what the first posts looked like and all the changes that have occurred over the past 4 years).

I talk about my first book – How Not To Blog – which was released last May; and my contributing authorship in Jason Eaglespeakers anthology Indigenous Peoples for BlackLivesMatter. I was also honoured to be chosen as one of @vancouver_mom’s Top 30 Bloggers in 2020

Welcome! I hope you find something that interests you! 🙂

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