Martin Luther King Jr Day 2021

A crucial reminder – honouring Dr King on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is easy; honouring him and his vision every single day of the year is where we put the work in.

Commit to being anti-racist 365 days per year, every year for the entirety of your life. Commit to raising anti-racist children. Commit to speaking up and amplifying BIPOC voices. Commit to truly honouring the values that Dr King, and his family, including the amazing Coretta Scott King, in our words and actions all year.

#mlkday #mlkday2021 #martinlutherking #martinlutherkingjr #corettascottking #thekingcenter #berniceking #drking #antiracism #antiracist #endwhitesupremacy #blm #blacklivesmatter #walkthetalk #civilrights #humanrights

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