It’s My Birthday

Today started with a my favouritest cupcakes in the world, a Stanley/Pretzel Day Birthday card, and a brand new Smash + Tess romper from Danielle on my porch before I even woke up.

It just kept getting better and better as kind words and thoughtful posts and birthday/birthday-ish phone calls were made. My brother found old family videos that showed us as chaotic kids, and my Grampa’s laugh. My family and friends went beyond out of their way to make my COVID birthday one of love and laughter.

My daughter told me today that I have been alive for 5 decades… as I am 38 today, I find that number to be pretty skewed, and will increase her math homework posthaste…

That said, in my advancing years (🙄) I have learned some fundamental truths:

  • I am perfectly happy feeling connected to people via Zoom and text messages
  • hiding from stressful situations just makes them worse
  • speaking up is easier after I started doing it
  • we don’t have to agree in order to be friends, we just have to be respectful
  • when I let myself learn, instead of feeling defensive of knowledge gaps, I can find teachers all over the place
  • my idols are human, and interesting, and just as self-conscious as everyone else
  • my kids pretty damn funny, smart, and interesting humans who I am glad to have around
  • my cat is one of my favourite people on earth
  • all dogs are therapy dogs; some are just freelancing
  • a clean and tidy house makes me happy
  • learning how to save money makes me happy
  • taking responsibility and apologizing for my mistakes really can help make things better
  • over apologizing can make things significantly worse
  • my hair will always be crazy, I will never learn how to contour, and that is ok
  • I can get by on a lot less than I ever imagined
  • I will always cry way too much the day before I start my period, but that’s ok, because in my 5th decade (🙄) that won’t be around much longer
  • I am an introvert, but I love people fiercely
  • making people laugh is my favourite thing
  • I am really, really grateful that I have the family that I do
  • my husband loves me so much
  • making people laugh is one of my favourite things
  • I really, really miss yoga
#itsmybirthday #love

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