Hindsight is 2020

I love the Top Nine each year mostly because I am addicted to Instagram and it is interesting to see which posts connected with people.

2020, man. What a year. If you are reading this, congratulations, you too survived COVID-19, out of control wildfires, bomb explosions, police brutality, collapsing piers, flooding, hurricanes, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, murder hornets, swarms of locusts, cyclones, windstorms, algael blooms where there shouldn’t be any, anti-mask, anti-vax protests, an American election, mental health decline, a global economic crisis, financial hardship and all the other everyday traumas that make up life.

That in and of itself is reason to be grateful. On top of all of that, I am grateful to have published my first real honest to goodness book, to have had pieces of my writing published on reputed news sites, and in an anthology (Indigenous Peoples for BlackLivesMatter), I spent more time connecting (through text and FaceTime) with my friends, I have reconnected with an old friend (and her puppy), I have spent more time cuddling my furbaby and my furniece than I ever have, I have helped friends when they needed it, and was helped more than any one person deserves, I was nominated as a Vancouver Mom Top 30 Blogger, my blog received more traffic than ever, I moved into the best professional job of my life (writing for Canadian Cancer Society), Dave lived to celebrate 21 years together, and best of all (depending on the day) I have been able to be there for my kids everyday. I have watched them grow into interesting, funny, smart, wise(ish) people. I have seen them flourish where they could have floundered.

So yep – 2020 was definitely insanity, but if you look for blessings, you’ll find them. First of all, you survived, and that is the biggest blessing of all.

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