It is crazy how well you can get to know people you have never met in real life. I had the great pleasure of celebrating the holidays with my team today, and they sent incredibly thoughtful gifts and heartfelt cards, which we opened to laughs and smiles and deep gratitude.

My colleagues and I have all been working from home and our team is based all across the country, and yet through our year of working together and the exceptional leadership of our Director, we have become close and dependent on each other. My heart is full of joy and gratitude as I think back on the many ups and downs that have come our way, and yet we have been able to come together as a team and build trust and friendship.

To the ladies that I work with – thank you so much, not only for these gifts and cards which I adore, but for the amazing level of care that you bring to our team every single day, and your generosity of time, energy and spirit. I am glad to have you in my life.

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