Best B*tches Hangout

What did you do today? Did you have a productive, busy day? Did you have a day where kids climbed all over you and dumped out the toys that you had just picked up? Did you spend the day curled up with your head under the comforter wishing for all of the world to be left alone? A little of all of the above?

As we round the corner on the dumpster fire of a year that has been 2020, we are faced with days that can feel overwhelming, scary, and anxiety-filled. We can also find days that are filled with blue skies, baby kisses, and giant cups of coffee. Sometimes all on the same day.

I have been struggling with finding the good this week. I am tired and living with another sinus infection. My kids are stir crazy, my husband is still unwell, and sometimes we all want to make a run for it.

But tonight, I had a Hangouts call with 3 women that I used to work with. We caught up on almost 2 years of life, celebrated new puppies, babies to be, first tattoos, new apartments, and laughed for 2 hours.

After that I felt so much better. I felt more connected and relaxed than I have felt since Monday. Sometimes it just helps to stop thinking and just laugh. It helps to connect with friends, especially women friends, and celebrate each other.

So tonight, I am grateful and relaxed and happy. It’s a nice feeling after a long week.

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