Self-esteem building

It’s been about a month of trying to make myself look and feel presentable regardless of working from home.

One of the biggest challenges has been to find a way to dress a much larger body than I have ever had before. Finding things that feel comfortable and also flatter a plus-sized body was hard at first, but it is much more comfortable than and more mentally-calming than trying to force my body back into an old shape.

I am nearly 40, I have chronic pain and autoimmune disorders, I have a fulfilling full-time job, I have two preteen kids, I have a home that needs to be kept up, I have an old cat, and I have mental health concerns. I do not need to add “lose weight” to that list. I exercise gently for the body and brain that I have. I enjoy being out of doors. I enjoy cooking from scratch, mostly plant-based, meals.

And now I enjoy getting dressed with a pared down wardrobe. If something doesn’t fit or feel good, it doesn’t stay, because the newest thing that I want to have is self-confidence and self-esteem.

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